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    emmy award winning company
We are an EMMY® Award winning American television production company specializing in Asian cultural and educational programming.
  • searching_for_roots

    Cruising the Three Gorges

    Follow two American travelers, Audrey and Paul, as they cruise the Three Gorges and visit scenic spots along the Yangtze River

  • searching_for_roots

    The Story of Yiwu

    Follow San Francisco clothing store owners Chris and Ben to Yiwu, China, as they shop in the largest commodity market in the world. 

  • searching_for_rootsChinese Porcelain Master
    American ceramics artist, Judy Fleming, travels to the “World Capital of Ceramics” – Jingdezhen, China, to learn from the porcelain master Huang Yunpeng.  

  • searching_for_roots

    Tibet Diary: Beauty and Mystery

    Join two American athletes, Chris and Lache, as they experience the culture, the spirituality and the stunning scenery of Tibet for the very first time.  
  • searching_for_roots

    Tracing the Steps of General Stilwell

    Follow Nya and Steven, the grandchildren of General Joseph Stilwell, on their journey to trace their grandfather’s footsteps in China.  
  • searching_for_roots

    Decoding Ancient Chinese Gardens

    An architect & landscape designer experience the synthesis of art, nature, & architecture from masterpiece gardens in Suzhou, China. 
  • searching_for_roots

    Shaolin Kung Fu Monks

    An American Kung fu practitioner travels with the head monk of the Shaolin Temple, and his disciples, the Warrior Monks, on a world tour. 
  • searching_for_roots

    Chinese Medicine Master

    An American doctor learns from an official “Heir to Chinese Medicine” in Anhui Province, China. 








We have just finisfed the documentary in our CHINESE MASTER series, Shaolin Kung Fu Monks. Host Adam McArthur follows a fascinating character who is the head of the famous Shaolin Temple on his world tour from Russia to the US. 


Chinese Medicine Master, featuring Mr. Li Jiren who taught San Francisco-based doctor, Dr. Andrew Cunningham about Chinese medicine.


We have finished editing our documentary, Xenical Generico(Xenical:Obesity, Weigh Loss), xenical orlistat pill huraian of the Terracotta Warriors. It is showing on PBS stations now!